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Pavel Rozkhov participated at the IWAS Executive Committee Meeting in the city of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

01 March 1970

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, First Vice President of the RPC, Vice President of the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sport Federation (IWAS) Pavel Rozkhov, took part at the meeting of the IWAS Executive Committee in Lignana Sabbiadoro, Italy.

Pavel Rozhkov reported on the agenda related to the IWAS anti-doping provision. It should be noted that Pavel Rozhkov, elected as the Vice-President of the  (IWAS) in 2017, was appointed in February of 2018 as the person responsible for organization of  the  IWAS  Anti-Doping activities and the work of the Anti-Doping Commission, headed by the Chief of the RPC Department of Anti-Doping and Methodical and Scientific Support Ph.D. Guzel Idrisova.

Report of the IWAS Vice President Pavel Rozkhov at the Executive Committee Meeting on September 26, 2018 in Lignano Sabbiadoro ( Italy) on the IWAS Anti-Doping Activities.

1.                 IWAS COMPLIANCE TO WADA ANTI-Doping Code

On February 27, 2018 IWAS received a letter from WADA with the results the Review of IWAS Compliance with WADA Code.

         After reviewing IWAS Anti-Doping Activities, WADA revealed significant noncompliance with the WADA Code, which were categorized according to their importance (critical – 7, high-priority – 23, important – 8) and presented to IWAS as FINAL Corrective Action Report. For each category the deadlines for corrective actions for specified non-conformities were determined.

         Currently, all Corrective Actions for Critical and High-Priority non-conformities have been completed in full in order to comply with the requirements of the WADA Code, that is, 30 non-conformities out of the required 38 are fulfilled at the moment.

         Together with IWAS sports specialists we have developed Risk Assessment in Wheelchair Fencing and Powerchair Hockey, Test Distribution Plan with implementation of Sport Specific Analysis for IWAS sports, as well as forms of athlete’s notification, Therapeutic Use Exemption Application Form and other specific documents.

         Rules and procedures concerning IWAS Registered Testing Pool, target testing of athletes, consideration of Therapeutic Use Exemption of Prohibited Substances, work of Doping Control Stations at IWAS Events, collaboration with other Anti-Doping Organizations, as well as the protection of personal data of athletes were defined.

         By November 27, 2018 it is planned to fulfill the remaining 8 Important non-conformities according to the WADA FINAL Corrective Action Report related to subsections 2. Testing and Investigations, 3. Results management, 5. Education, 6. Data Privacy.

2.                 IWAS Anti-Doping Activities - ongoing (From April 2018)

  • An investigation was organized on the case of Anti-Doping Rules Violation by South African athlete in Para Athletics - Anthony Butler (in athlete’s sample, taken at the IWAS World Games 2017 anabolic agent was discovered), including organization of hearings on the case of Anthony Butler with consideration of all circumstances of this violation and the decision was made on his disqualification for 4 years with disqualification of the results, achieved at the IWAS World Games 2017.

  • Work is underway to organize the consideration of Applications for Therapeutic Use Exemption of Prohibited Substances (TUE) – in 2018 IWAS received 12 TUE Applications.

  • Work is underway to enter athlete’s Doping Control Forms from IWAS Events into ADAMS.

  • The following registers are developed and maintained in online access: The list of disqualified athletes, The list of athletes with TUE, The list of athletes with filling failure in the ADAMS.

Later on, Pavel Rozkhov presented a speech and together with other IWAS members discussed the IWAS membership organizational structure.

Among many agenda’s topics - the results of the Continental Cup of Wheelchair Dancing that took place in September of this year in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, were discussed, in details. Pavel Rozkhov expressed his gratitude to the IWAS leadership for their support of the tournament and presented the IWAS President Rudi Van Den Abbeele, with the commemorative medal from the Continental Cup participants. Also, the IWAS members discussed the possibilities for supporting this competition next year.

For the first time in history, the Continental Cup of Wheelchair Dancing 2018, received the official title as «international» and was hold not under the IPC auspice, but with support of the IWAS, which from the beginning is actively involved in the tremendous work designated to support the development of sports among disabled persons around the world. Around 200 people from 9 different countries around the globe and from various regions of the Russian Federation participated at the Continental Cup of Wheelchair Dancing 2018.

Also, members of the IWAS Executive Committee discussed the issue of holding the IWAS World Games and other official competitions. Pavel Rozhkov, proposed that, the IWAS World Games 2023, the European Wheelchair Fencing Championship in 2020, the World Wheelchair Fencing Championship in 2021 and the General Assembly and the IWAS Executive Committee in 2021 should be held on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Following the IWAS Executive Committee meeting, the working meeting discussing the 8 points of the WADA Report on corrective actions.

The IWAS Executive Committee meeting took place during the Powerchair Hockey World Championship.

The International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) is the IPC member, the founder of the Paralympic Movement and Paralympic Games. For more than 60 year, the Organization is actively involved in development of adoptive sports in more than 70 countries around the world. The IWAS headquarters are located in Aylesbury (United Kingdom). The IWAS President is Rudi Van Den Abbeele.

The Federation has been developing adaptive sports for over 60 years in about 70 countries around the world. The headquarters of the International Federation is located in Aylesbury (United Kingdom). IWAS President Rudi Van Den Abbeele (France), Vice-Presidents - Tarik Almansuri (United Arab Emirates), Pavel Rozhkov (Russia).

In 2015 the IWAS World Games, for the first time were hold on the territory of the Russian Federation in the city of Sochi. About 800 Paralympic athletes for 34 countries around the world took part in the competitions. During the Games, the 213 set of medals were distributed in such sports as athletics, swimming, archery, table tennis, para-taekwondo and arm sport. In the all team count, the athletes from the Russian Federation were leaders with 123 gold, 105 silver and 95 bronze medals.

The IWAS World Games, aimed at distinguishing the most outstanding Paralympic athletes with physical impairments are being hold every 2 years. The first IWAS World Games took place in 1948. After that, they become the second most important sporting event after the Paralympic Games.

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