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Pavel Rozhkov in the Sports Technologies Center of the Moscomsport met with the director of the SPI "Center for Sport Innovation Technologies of National Teams” of the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow " (Moskomsport) K. Akhmerova, and also got h

01 June 2018

Pavel Rozhkov, Chairman of the RPC Governing Board, RPC First Vice-President, participated in the Forum of Young Olympians, held by the Russian Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Sport of Russia, the Republic of Armenia "RUSADA" and the Moskomsport, met with the Director of the SPI "CSITNT" of Moskomsport Kadriya Akhmerova and got himself familiar with the work of the Center.

Pavel Rozhkov and Kadria Akhmerova discussed the preparation of Russian National Teams on the venue of the Center, the use of modern techniques in sports and other issues.

Later, Pavel Rozhkov got himself familiar with the work of the Center for Sport Innovation Technologies of National Teams of Moskomsport.

The Center implements comprehensive measures in the field of monitoring and improving the functional state of health of Moscow athletes. The competence of the Center includes carrying out the maximum load- testing of athletes, the results of which allow to determine the optimal training load and the competitive strategy for each particular athlete.

The center provides the Moscow athletes and their trainers with the latest technologies in the field of monitoring the athlete's functional condition and optimizing the training process. Within the framework of this direction, miniature devices for remote monitoring of the athlete's physiological parameters have been introduced.

Specialists of the Center are also engaged in the development of programs and complexes of therapeutic, restorative and preventive measures for both sport of a high level and for mass recreational sport, as well as the establishing and implementation of effective methods for the use of the newest pharmacological substances and bioactive additives.

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