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Pavel Rozhkov at the RPC’s office held a joint meeting of the office of working groups of the RPC for preparing for participation in the Paralympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo and Paralympic Games of 2022 in Beijing.

15 April 2019
Chairman of the Governing Board, First Vice-President of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Head of the Working Groups Pavel Rozhkov at the RPC office held a joint meeting of the Bureau of the Working Groups of the Russian Paralympic Committee on the preparation of the Paralympic Russian national teams to participate in the 16th Paralympic Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) and XIII Paralympic Winter Games of 2022 in Beijing (China).

The members of the Bureau of the Working Groups reviewed the issues of fulfilling the Post Reinstatement criteria of the International Paralympic Committee of March 15, 2019, anti-doping support for athletes in Paralympic and non-Paralympic sports, decided to recommend the RPC Board to approve Pavel Rozhkov as the chef the mission of the Paralympic delegation of the Russian Federation to the XVI Paralympic. 2020 in Tokyo (Japan), discussed issues related to the logistics of sports teams of the Russian Federation of Paralympic sports in 2019, on the eve of the XVI Paralympic Summer Games in 2020 in Tokyo (Japan), All-Russian competition of the summer Paralympic sports, and others.

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