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01 March 2017

In the process of the meeting on an ongoing preparation process toward the forthcoming XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 at Krasnoyarsk, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that Russia must acknowledge isolated incidents of doping use, conduct an appropriate investigation and identify parties responsible. The President pointed out that that use of prohibited substances in sport is absolutely unacceptable and up to date system of anti-doping control in Russia failed.

However, recalling recent remarks made by the WADA and the IPC officials regarding the conclusiveness of the Independent Person’s Report by Richard Maclaren, the President ones again stated that there never was and never will be a state supported doping use cover up system in Russia.

Vladimir Putin expressed hope that, new Russian anti-doping system which is being created in a close collaboration with the Moscow State University now, in the future would be ultimately effective and strict and will prevent any possible foul play and cheating. The President also looked forward to reestablishing the productive working relations between the Russian authorities and our partners, including the WADA and the IOC.

Addressing the meeting participants the President said “I would like to speak about clean Sport, by this I mean anti-doping programs. We all know, about   latest assessments made by WADA officials and by our colleagues from IOC, regarding lack of evidences and in some imprecise translations in the Report of Professor Mclaren’s Independent Commission. Ones again, I would like to point out, we always said that there was never and I hope in the future never will be any state system which supports use of doping. On the contrarily, we always fight against it. And of course, it is only natural that we do not understand any allegations that some of samples have some kind of scratchers. We do not understand what kind of evidence that is, when we handed those samples over, we received no complaints. If there were some problems with scratchers, why they were not recorded in appropriate reports? Nothing of that kind has been done. 

That means those samples were stored somewhere, and we are not responsible for their safekeeping. But, I would like to point out one important aspect. Despite some lapses in the work this Independent Commission, we must hear what they have to say, see what they have done and analyze results of their work. We must listen to the WADA’s demands, simply because we have to recognize that we do have proven, identified cases of doping use. And this situation is absolutely unacceptable! That means that existing system of anti- doping control in Russia failed, and this is our fault and we have to admit it. I am really counting on the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, to bring this investigation to the end by revealing all responsible for the situation we are facing right now.

As you know, we are creating a new anti-doping system. We are passing this system over from the Russian Ministry of Sport and the Government, as it has been done already by other countries - to an independent organization. We are passing this over to the Moscow State University, and it is not just a gesture, but real thing. We will place this laboratory at the Moscow State University and will supply it with modern technology, state of the art equipment and personnel.

I hope that, there will be no crooks, which first organize those doping programs and then run out of the country. I hope that with assistance of our independent exports and foreign specialists, the effective, strict and functional system of anti-doping control would be put into force.

I also hope, Vitaly Smirnov’s Independent Public Anti –Doping Commission, as non-governmental, public organization will continue its monitoring activities of anti – doping structures in the Russian Federation.  And it is needless to say, that we must do everything possible to prevent this situation from ever accruing at youth and junior sport, these young people are just starting their sport career.

Ones more, I would like to point out that we will defiantly do everything possible to reestablish productive and efficient working relations with all of our partners, including WADA and IOC.”

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