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Official Announcement of the Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia

On September 9-12, 2016 St. Petersburg was the host city of the World Cup in the Wheelchair Sport Dances, for participants from 11 countries, including Russia. At the end of the first day of competitions, the solemn Award Ceremony by overall results of the day of competition was held. That included the Russian athletes, who won prizes in a number of disciplines. But during the night, prior to the second day of the competitions, the comments from an official representative of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) was received, with instruction to discontinue further awarding process of the Russian athlete. The World Cup is tournament with an international rating among Paralympic Sports, thus become relevant to the situation of suspension of the Russian Paralympic Committee from the IPC.

As the outcome, of the emergency meeting of the World Cup Organizing Committee, the following decision was made. The Solemn Award Ceremony in front of the full auditorium, was broadcasted all over the world, displaying results of all participants, including the Russian dancers. But, at the end of all World’s Cup events and competitions, the commission allocated all places according to protocol, but without taking into account results of the Russian National Team. After that the technical procedure of medal and diplomas distribution to the foreign athletes took place. According to the Rules of the International Paralympic Committee, the technical distribution of places was conducted only in these disciplines, where after removal of the Russian dancers results, results – three or more countries –participants remained. 

Moreover, we would like to emphasize, most of the international competitors, realizing their real level of their performance  and respecting Russian athletes, did not put on medals obtained in such a way.

The Wheelchair Sports Federation accepted such a decision, in order to avoid  additional sanctions for the Russian National Wheelchair Dancing Team in the future, and also in order to prevent a possible disruption of the World Cup.

As the result, to the IPC were all sent official protocols with the results of all participants including the Russian athletes. These results are considered valid by the Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation.

The following decision was supported by the Russian Paralympic Committee.

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