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03 December 2019

P. Rozhkov: Vladimir Vladimirovich, the national team is preparing for the Paralympic Games.


Judo athletes, swimmers, athletes, “fresh” world champions of this year in judo, fencing, swimming. Three gold medals were won by Andrey. And Vanya is studying here, he finished playing for the honor of the national team of the country, he was the captain of the football team (Cerebral Palsy), now he finished. The captain of our Sledge Hockey team was at the Paralympic Games. Yesterday the tournament was, a Paralympic lesson was held. So the guys are charged.

Vladimir Putin: Today is the day when we are talking about people who have certain health restrictions. We have said the same thing many times already: when you look at you, it is clear that you seem to have no restrictions. On the contrary, the possibilities are endless.

I want to congratulate you, not only to recall your previous successes and victories, but also to express the hope that you will repeatedly state yourself and show yourself as promising athletes. And those who have already graduated, study at the university - and as the organizers of sports, and in various fields, it does not have to be a Paralympic sport, whatever sport it may be.

It is very important for us - I’ll just say a few words about this now - it’s important to develop not only the Olympic, Paralympic movement. We still need to develop mass sport, and for all, especially for young children who have health restrictions and who do not, it doesn’t matter. Everyone should do sports.

We have moved quite seriously in this direction. Our number of people involved in sports in all environments and strata has increased seriously, but still we still have something to strive for. Still, in some countries, our neighbors have more students per 1000 inhabitants — more than ours, oddly enough. Although, it would seem, we now have such a massive sports movement everywhere. But what am I saying this: we have something to work on with you.

The first one. You can and should set an example for everyone what sport is and how it needs to be practiced. And the second: then transfer your experience. Therefore, the field of activity is very large.


I want to assure you that the state will do everything in order to support you. Thank you very much for your victories.

Remark: Vladimir Vladimirovich, let me thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule and for being here and now with us on International Disability Day. Thank you also very much for your support and decisions on the award of a scholarship to the President of the Russian Federation for silver and bronze medalists of the Paralympic Games. Thank you very much, low bow from all athletes.

P. Rozhkov: He himself is a silver medalist, it is important for him.

Vladimir Putin: It’s important for everyone, I understand.

Remark: Vladimir Vladimirovich, as an active student, I would like to express my gratitude for the creation of the Russian International Olympic University. I want to congratulate the university on its 10th anniversary and, of course, wish it longevity and success in creating a tradition of learning. This is a great chance for athletes to restart their careers and continue in the sports industry, in what is dear to you. And I would like to ask - for 10 years I am just the second student from the Paralympic family - to ask for grants, grants to be allocated, and quotas for Paralympics to allocate quotas. There are already many who wish here in this room.

Vladimir Putin: Good, sure. I just honestly did not think of that. But thanks for prompting. Will do. Moreover, the university really took place as a very good world-class educational institution, in some disciplines it now ranks second in Europe in sports management and 10th in the world. This is for a short enough period of its existence. This is a really good institution of higher education. Ok, I heard.

I. Ibrahimov: Our fellow judokas once told us: we know why you are performing well - because your President is watching the finals at one in the morning. When Savostyanova competed. One in the morning - the President watches the Paralympic. Thanks a lot.


P. Rozhkov: In London, Tanya is a silver medalist.


Vladimir Putin: I watched, I watched. I cheered for you.


Thanks guys. All the best!

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