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IWRF publishes Competition Structure and Classification update

22 June 2020

The IWRF has published its competition structure and classification updates for 2021-2024.

This important document outlines the IWRF international competitions calendar for the next three years, and details how nations will qualify for the IWRF 2022 World Championship and 2024 Paris Paralympics.

Proposed timelines for each of the zonal and divisional championships are also discussed.

On the classification side, important updates and timelines are laid out for the release and implementation of the following documents and procedures:

1. IWRF Classification Rules – Contains rules governing who is eligible to compete in wheelchair rugby and how we perform the athlete evaluation process in order to allocate an athlete’s sport class. This document replaces the current IWRF Classification Manual. 

2. IWRF Classification Handbook – Contains the detailed information on processes and procedures regarding how we complete different elements of the athlete evaluation process, form classification panels, develop and certify classifiers, manage classification during tournaments and other classification management and administration procedures. 

3. Limb Deficiency Impairment Measurement System – This is a new, evidence-based procedure for performing physical assessments on athletes with limb deficiency. It also describes a standardised method of measuring and recording critical athlete information in the IWRF Classification Database. For this reason, it is difficult to predict the number of athletes who may be impacted by these changes. Implementation will require re-classification of ALL current athletes with limb deficiency. 

4. Minimum Impairment Criteria (MIC) flow chart – This is the correction of a defined, identified issue with the current flow chart that allowed athletes with a sport class of greater than 3.5 proceeding beyond the bench testing component of the classification process. This revision is still under discussion by the Classification Committee.

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