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Information on the Independent Person 2nd Report Professor McLaren

12 January 2017

At the 2nd Report of the Independent Person by Professor McLaren published on December 9, 2016, six Russian Paralympic athletes have been mentioned as well as information about alleged involvement of these persons in sample swapping scheme at the Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Russian Paralympic Committee (the RPC), immediately after the publishing the Report, has send request to the IPC, WADA and Professor McLaren to provide the RPC with athletes names, mentioned in the 2nd Report and all possible information regarding their alleged involvement in sample swapping schemes outlined in the Report.

On December 16, 2016 the RPC has received the letter from the IPC signed by Mr. Xavier Gonzalez, IPC CEO where stated:

…in response to your 12 December letter requesting the list of RPC athletes named in the second McLaren Report, we would like to clarify that paragraph 11 of the RPC reinstatement criteria is not primarily about individual athletes whose names have been redacted in the reports, as those cases will be pursued under the IPC anti-doping rules as appropriate. Instead, paragraph 11 mainly is about people who are named in the reports and who might hold contracts, office, directorships, committee positions and the like with the RPC. For these reasons, it presently is not appropriate to provide further information to the RPC on individual athletes (who are not named in the McLaren reports), as those investigations are ongoing and the RPC will be notified in the normal course if and when charges are brought.

On December 23, 2016 the RPC received the reply from Professor McLaren – Independent Person on WADA Investigations of Sochi Allegations, where stated:

I have noted your request. The procedure that the IP investigative team is following is to report its information to WADA. This has been done. They distribute the information as they see fit to international federations who in turn will communicate with their member federations. Therefore, your request of me as the IP is misplaced. Your organization ought to go to your international federation who should have the information you have requested.

If there are problems or difficulties with the information the first step is to go back to WADA to clarify or resolve the issue. If it is necessary they will get me and the investigative team involved

On January 6. 2017, the RPC received the reply from WADA signed by President Sir Craig Reedie, where stated:

We take due note of the Russian Paralympic Committee’s request for WADA to provide the list of athletes implicated in the second part of Professor McLaren’s Independent Person Report.

At this time, WADA is unable to provide the Russian Paralympic Committee with such a list due to the fact that all information regarding Paralympic athletes has been forwarded to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which is the competent Results Management Authority for any cases involving Paralympic athletes who were involved in the 2014 Sochi Paralympics or for whom the IPC acts as the athlete’s International Federation.

Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that the IPC must respect Article 14.3.1 of the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code) with respect to the public disclosure of any athlete's identity, which may only be done once the athlete – as well as the relevant Anti-Doping Organizations listed in Article 14.1.2 of the Code – is notified that an anti-doping rule violation has been asserted against them.

Thus, currently the RPC has no grounds to consider accusations made against Paralympic athletes on the subject matter in question.

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