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In Suzdal Russian Judo Championship and Russian Taekwondo Championship among II Athletes has ended.

04 November 2020
In the city of Suzdal (the Vladimir region)  Russian Judo Championship and Russian Taekwondo Championship among II Athletes has ended.

Competitions were held from October 26 to 30, 2020, at the base "Nikolaevskiy Posad". Athletes from Dagestan republic, the Krasnodar Territory, Kurgan, Vladimir, Voronezh, Moscow, Tambov regions, Moscow city and the city of Saint Petersburg. 

According to the results of the Russian Judo Championship, the winners and prize-winners were:


1st place - Mansurov Zainutdin (Republic of Dagestan);
2nd place - Said Khairulaev (Republic of Dagestan);
3rd place - Sergey Shtrikker (Kurgan region).

66 kg
1st place - Salman Aligishev (Republic of Dagestan);
2nd place - Gadzhimurad Magomedrasulov (Republic of Dagestan);
3rd place - Ruslan Yakimov (Vladimir region).

73 kg
1st place - Konstantin Chernyshov (Tambov region);
2nd place - Kurban Murtuzaliev (Republic of Dagestan);
3rd place - Viktor Ustratov (Tambov region).

81 kg
1st place - Alexander Palyshev (Kurgan region);
2nd place - Mikhail Altukhov (Voronezh region);
3rd place - Kamal Musalaliev (Republic of Dagestan).

90 kg
1st place - Stanislav Filippov (Kurgan region);
2nd place - Rajab Ilyasov (Republic of Dagestan);
3rd place - Vladimir Sedov (Vladimir region).

100 Kg
1st place - Andrey Babkin (Voronezh region);
2nd place - Mikhail Potapov (St. Petersburg);
3rd place - Timofey Demin (Voronezh region).

100+ kg
1st place - Sergey Morugin (Vladimir region);
2nd place - Vladislav Arzhanikov (Vladimir region);
3rd place - Nikita Petrin (Voronezh region).

78+ kg
1st place - Ksenia Gorchakova (Vladimir region);
2nd place - Alexandra Lebedeva (Vladimir region);
3rd place - Daria Yudaeva (Vladimir region).

78 kg
1st place - Natalia Zhuchkevich (Vladimir region);
2nd place - Kristina Abramova (Vladimir region).

70 kg
1st place - Diana Perfilova (Vladimir region);
2nd place - Klara Fedorova (Vladimir region).

63 kg
1st place - Oksana Pavlova (Moscow region).

57 kg
1st place - Ekaterina Sazonova (Moscow);
2nd place - Tatiana Merkulova (Moscow region).

52 kg
1st place - Stefania Chernova (Voronezh region);
2nd place - Irina Andreeva (Moscow region);
3rd place - Nina Partnova (Vladimir region).

48 kg
1st place - Tatiana Sulkhidini (Vladimir region);
2nd place - Yulia Luneva (Vladimir region);
3rd place - Maryana Shtofina (Moscow region).

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