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Deputy Minister of Sports Yuri Nagornyh arrived to the Paralympic Village today

01 March 1970
Deputy Minister of Sports, Yuri Nagornyh arrived to the Paralympic Village in London, to talk with athletes and coaches. Chief of mission at the XIV Paralympic Summer Games ,Pavel Rozhkov introduced him to the conditions in which the Russian National Paralympic Team leaves and trains.{nl}{nl}Deputy Minister visited the headquarters and the medical center of the Russian National Team. The medical center specialists headed by Mikhail Bersenev, the Deputy Chief of Mission for medical affairs of the Russian Team at the Paralympics Games in London, and team doctor Oleg Ermakov, both assured their guest that the work is organized as good as at the recent Olympic Games in London. “We have the most modern devices that help athletes recover and heal injuries - assured doctors. Nagornuh also required about athletes living conditions, asked if they feel comfortable at the Paralympic Village. He went into several rooms and talked with members of the National Team in athletics and fencing. Head coach of the fencing team, Helen Belkina said that, in general, the athletes settled comfortably, but there are drawbacks of the organizers, which creates some difficulties in everyday life for athletes in wheelchairs.{nl}{nl}“In Sochi-2014, we should consider this experience, and create comfortable conditions for Paralympians, most of it already has been done”, reassured the Deputy Minister.

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