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"Basketball without Borders" training camp in Moscow

01 January 1970
Today, the first Vice-President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Pavel Rozhkov and the Secretary General of the Russian Paralympic Committee Mikhail Terentiev,attended the meeting organized by the U.S. Ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul , on the occasion of opening the "Basketball without Borders" training camp in Moscow.{nl}{nl}According to the President of the Russian Basketball Federation Alexander Krasnenkov, "Project "Basketball without Borders "- is the great sport as well as community event which covers four continents - Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa.{nl}{nl}Negotiations which took place between the Russian and American sporting associations were successful. This is the first time the "Basketball without Borders" project will take place in Moscow, Russia.{nl}{nl}This will be a real pleasure for all sport and basketball funs. The project includes not only the basketball camp and participation of younger players in it, but also pays a great contribution to charitable programs and the development of mass sports.The "Basketball without Borders" project will be organized by the Russian Basketball Federation in conjunction with the NBA. We will make every effort to give all participants, guests and fans a lot of vivid emotions, will show genuine Russian hospitality and sporting spirit, and gives young people a new incentive to participate in basketball ".

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