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35 national records were established at the Russian National Athletics Championships for persons with Physical Impairments in Chelyabinsk

12 July 2018

In Chelyabinsk (Chelyabinsk Region) the Russian National Championships in track and field athletics among athletes with physical impairments was organized.

Competitions were held from June 30 to July 5, 357 athletes from 54 regions of the country took part in them.

In solemn opening ceremonies, medal awarding and seeing the competitions, took part the vice-president of the Paralympic Committee of Russia, 3-times champion of the Paralympic Games in athletics - Olga Semenova and honorary vice-president of the RPC, Honored  coach of Russia - Lev Seleznev.

Results of the Russian Championship in an interview with the press service of the RPC commented the head coach of the Russian National Athletics Team, Honored coach of Russia - Oleg Kostyuchenko:

"It's been a long time since the athletes showed such a great results at such a high level of competitions, as it has occured this time. 35 records of Russia were established. For comparison, I will point out that last year in the same competitions, 14 records were established. Many achievements are close to the records of the world and Europe, and others even surpass them. Unfortunately, for the known reasons it cannot be registered as mentioned.

I want to note that all the athletes demonstrated such a great skill in difficult weather conditions. In Chelyabinsk, during all the days of competition, the temperature was over thirty degrees, the sun was burning, it was stuffy, but it did not scare anyone, most of the leading athletes, as planned, reached the peak of their sport performance.

It is also gratifying that we managed to look at our nearest reserve team, which was presented very widely this time. In championships competed 357 athletes from 54 regions of our country. 294 athletes from 50 regions and territories of Russia. Among the newcomers, we saw many promising athletes, many of whom, for sure, will certainly show themselves in the future.

It should be noted that it was extended the number of athletes with a severe impairments, which we used to call “spinal” and “cervical” athletes. Many of them are already showing the results of a high level. The only thing we would like is that we have more athletes performing in the track disciplines on special wheelchairs. But, having such an equipment, are acceptable only for the Moscow athletes from the group of Irina Gromova, who have the opportunity to spend up to 400 thousand rubles for the purchasing such wheelchairs. That is how expensive today the best examples of modern equipment. But without it we would be able to gain victories over rivals.

Whatsoever, the successful performance in many ways, to my opinion, was the way and the fact that the organizers prepared the stadium for the competition for five with a plus. For this, it’s worth to thank the hosts, represented by Vadim Aleshkin and his team of experienced specialists. He has not only managed the actions of his colleagues, but he also successfully performed at the Russian national Championships.

In conclusion, I would like once again to point out the following thing. Certainly, records are very good. But, nevertheless, I would like our athletes to show themselves competing with the strongest athletes of the world. Alas, for today we are deprived of an opportunity to compete with them. How long this situation will last, we do not know yet. However, we hope that the managing staff of the Russian Paralympic Committee will manage to achieve the goal that our disqualification will be withdrawn and we will again become full members of a large Paralympic family. "

35 records of Russia


Track events 100 m

1. Victor Kochnev - class T34 (Moscow) - the result is 17.29 seconds

2. Arsen Kurbanov-class T53 (Moscow) - 15.63

Running distance 200m

3. Victor Kochnev-class T34 (Moscow) - 29.49

4. Artem Shishkovsky - class T52 (Moscow) - 32.68

Track events 400 m

5. Victor Kochnev - class T34 (Moscow) - 57:35

6. Artem Shishkovsky class T52 (Moscow) - 1: 05,44

Track events 1500 m

7. Maxim Serebryakov-class T38 (Novosibirsk region) - 4: 24.36

8. Anton Feoktistov - class T37 (Astrakhan region) - 4: 30.78

9. Alexander Yaremchuk-class T46 (Arkhangelsk region) - 4: 00.51

Track events 5000 m

10. Alexander Yaremchuk-class T46 (Arkhangelsk region) - 15: 07.41

High jump

11. Ivan Botvich class T46 (Krasnodar Territory) - 195 cm.

12. Maxim Ostapenko (Krasnoyarsk Territory) - 165 cm

Long jump

13. Nikolay Zolotov class T35 (Chelyabinsk region) - 4.43 m

14. Yevgeny Torsunov, class T36 (Perm region) - 6.26 m

15. Khetag Khinchagov class T38 (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania) - 6.60 m

Discus throwing 

16. Ivan Skrynnik class F56 (Chuvash Republic) - 38.73 m

17. Alexander Spitsin class F55 (Ryazan region) - 37.01 m

Javelin throwing

18. Victor Tagirov class F38 (Chelyabinsk region) - 39.53 m

19. Denis Gnezdilov class F40 (Krasnodar Territory) - 31.71 m

Club throwing 

20. Taimazov Musa class F51 (Republic of Dagestan) - 25.73 m

Shot put

21. Stanislav Kash

Within the framework of the Russian National Championships, the Russian Paralympic Committee conducted Anti-Doping seminars, in which about 300 athletes, coaches and specialists, including members of the Russian national track and field athletics team, participated in the competition.

Also, the Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairments conducted the Russian seminar for sports referees in athletics for persons with physical impairments.

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