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20th Anniversary celebration of the Russian Federation of Sports for Persons woth Physical Impairment took place in Podolsk

10 October 2019

The 20th Anniversary of the Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairment took place in Younost Universal Sport Center in Podolsk, Moscow Region.

The Welcome Address from President of Russia Vladimir Putin was delivered by the President of Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin.

The Welcome Address from the Minister of Sport of Russian Pavel Kolobkov was delivered by the Deputy Minister of Sport Marina Tomilova.

Rudi van den Abbeele on behalf of International Wheelchair and Amputee Sport Federation (IWAS) congratulated the federation and granted the Certificate of recognition to Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, Chairman of the Council of the Federation.

President of European Paralympic Committee Ratko Kovacic also congratulated the Federation.

Many Olympic champions attended the Celebration and said words of congratulation to the federation such as, 3-times Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Alexander Karelin, 2-times Olympic champion in hockey Alexey Kasatonov, Olympic champion in Greco-Roman Wrestling, President of Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamishvili, Olympic champion in Greaco-Roman Wrestling Shamil Khisamutdinov, Olympic Games medalist in Archery, President of Russian Archery Federation Vladimir Yesheyev.

Famous Paralimpians, in turn, also congratulated the Federation: 13-times Paralympic champion in Para Athletics Rima Batalova, 5-time Paralympic champion in Para Swimming Andrey Strokin, 4-times Paralympic champion in Para Athletics Alexey Ashapatov, 2-times World champion in Para Swimming Vladimir Vshivtsev, 3-time Paralympic champion in Para Athletics Olga Semenova, 3-time Paralympic champion in Para Alpine Skiing Alexey Bugaev, 2-time Paralympic champion in Para Archery Timur Tuchinov, Paralympic champion in 7-a-side Football Lasha Murvanadze and Zaurbek Pagaev, Paralympic champion Irina Polyakova and others.

Coaches of Russian national teams of Paralympic Sports also attended the Event and congratulated the Federation.

At the end of the evening Chairman of the RPC Governing Board, 1st Vice-President of the Federation Pavel Rozhkov said that Federation is on the right way and one of the most important things is that young para athletes go into sport actively. And the best example of it is the Children Games – Spartakiad for Children with Physical Impairment that starting tonight. Young athletes from 11 Russian regions have come to Podolsk to determine the best in four sports.


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