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08 September 2018

The Expoforum Exhibition Center in St-Petersburg hosts the Opening Ceremony of International 2018 Wheelchair Dance Continents Cup. Pavel Rozhkov, Chairman of the RPC Governing Board and 1stVice-President of the RPC, and Sergey EvseevPresident of Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities took part in the Opening event.

Chairman of the Physical Culture and Sport Committee of St-Petersburg Pavel Belov, Deputy of St-Petersburg legislature, Chair of Sport Committee Yury Avdeev, head coach of Russian National Wheelchair Dance Sport Team Elena Lozkoand others also took part at the Opening Ceremony.

Pavel Rozhkov at his welcome speech noted:

Dear Friends, On behalf of International Wheelchair and Amputee Sport Federation, Russian Paralympic Committee and Russian federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairment I welcome you at the opening of 2018 Continents Cup. Unfortunately, IWAS President Rudy van den Abbeele is unable to attend the competitions. So let me read his welcome address to all participants and organizers:

Dear athletes, guests and organizers of the 2018 Wheelchair Dance Continents Cup!

I am happy to welcome you to this traditional and bright sports event for Russia and for the whole Paralympic sports community.

Sorry for not being physically with you, but Mr. Pavel Rozhkov, our Vice President, is wording you my feelings. 

The International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation is glad to be a part of this wonderful sports event and to provide assistance in its conduct. Wheelchair dance is, in our opinion, one of the most spectacular and vivid sports, revealing great horizons. This sports activity is gaining more and more interest and sympathy among various groups of people. People who are keen on an active lifestyle and have a creative approach to life.

As demonstrated through the organization of 2018Continents Cup, dances in wheelchairs, which has already attracted a large number of athletes and numerous fans from different continents and regions of the world, we can see that today, this kind of sport is not indifferent to many fans of sports from all over the world.

The location of this traditional tournament in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: St. Petersburg, emphasizes in the best way the grace and elegance of this event, harmoniously blending into its cultural, historical and creative environment.

2018 Continents Cup is also an excellent opportunity, coming up right on time for Russian athletes to represent their country in the largest international sports event, to gain competitive experience and develop their skills and mastership.

On behalf of IWAS and myself, I express my support and I would like to wish to all the participants and teams fortune in achieving the expected results, sports luck, unforgettable and vivid impressions.

I believe that the 2018Continents Cup will be an important event on the way to reinstate and strengthen the status of the Russian Paralympic sport on the international sports arena, and at the same time among the general public and the mass media.

IWAS President 

Rudi Van den Abbeele 

Dear Friends!

I am also very glad to see the participants from Israel, Italy, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Korea, Slovakia, Poland and Finland. On behalf of Russian Paralympic Committee I would like express my sincere appreciation that you despite those difficult conditions where the Russian Paralympic Movement is, You decided to support us and come to St-Petersburg. And finally I would like to wish all the competitors a great performance!

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