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1 November 2013, Russian Paralympic Comiitee together with Ministry of Sport of Russia conducted VIII Solemn Award Ceremony “Return to Life”

01 January 1970
President of the International Paralympic Committee – Sir Philip Craven, Deputy Prime Minister , Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi – Dmitry Kozak, Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation – Vitaly Mutko, President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin.{nl}{nl}This year\'s winners of the ceremony are :{nl}{nl}- In the category "Overcoming" Eugene Shvetsov (St. Petersburg - Republic of Mordovia) - four-time Athletic, a three-time champion of the Paralympic Games.{nl}{nl}- In the category " Twist of Fate ": Roman Petushkov (Moscow ) - a five-time cross country skiing world champion in 2013 , a multiple winner of the World Cup , a silver and a bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games {nl}{nl}- In the category " I love you, Life" Daria Stukalova (Voronezh region) - a five-time world champion in swimming in 2013 , a silver and three bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games .{nl}{nl}{nl}- In the category " Power of the will ": Alexander Frantseva ( Kamchatka ) - a three-time world champion in alpine skiing in 2013 .{nl}{nl}- In the category " Personal Example ": Mikhalina Lysova (Sverdlovsk region) - a six-time world champion in cross-country skiing in 2013 , two-time silver and two-time bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games .{nl}{nl}- In the category : " What is life? Fight ! ": Mikhail Ivanov ( Moscow) - a bronze medalist of the World Sledge Hockey Championship - 2013 , recognized as the best goalkeeper of the World Championship.{nl}{nl}- In the category " Fulcrum " Oleg Kostuchenko - head coach of the Russian athletics national team . Under his leadership, the team of Russia at the XIV Paralympic Summer Games 2012 in London won 14 gold medals , and a year later, at the World Cup in France - 19 gold .{nl}{nl}- In the category "Life , Tears and Love" : a married couple : Nikita Prokhorov - a two-time world champion in track and field in 2013 , the champion of the Paralympic Games in athletics and Nicole Rodomakina - Champion and silver medalist at the world track and field champonship sports persons in 2013 , the champion of the Paralympic games .{nl}{nl}- In the category " Second Wind " Andrey Vdovin ( Nizhny Novgorod Region) - Three-time world champion in world championship in 2013 .{nl}{nl}- In the " Return to Life" Alexander Shevchenko ( Moscow) - World Champion , Wheelchair Curling 2012{nl}{nl}The greeting speech to all participant was send by the Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.{nl}{nl}{nl}
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