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russian paralympic committee
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The procedure of submitting requests to RPC’s press-service:

1. Requests are made from a mass-media organization on its official letterhead, signed by the authorized representative; 

2. All of the requests are addressed to the RPC president – Vladimir Lukin or Chairperson of the RPC Governing Board, first vice-president – Pavel Rozhkov; 

3. The request must contain of: 

• subject;

• list of questions; 

• provide with contacting details of editor office and correspondent

4. requests could be sent by e-mail: 


RPC contacting person – the head of press-service Ksenia Filippova: tel. +7 (925) 008-00-97. 

+7 (499) 922 11 90
101000, Moscow, Turgenevskaya sq., 2