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Lydia Abramova

Born in Chertkovo, Rostov Region on May 30, 1950.


1973 – Graduated from Taganrog Radio technical Institute, specialization radio engineer. 1994 – Course “Effective Management” of Open British University.

1973-87 – engineer, engineer-constructor of Irkutsk Radio Factory (retire due to disability II group).

1988-89 – studying at the organizers faculty of industrial production of institute of further training for managers and specialists of All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS).

1989-91 – instructor, acting deputy of chairperson of Irkutsk Regional Management of All Russia Association of the Blind.

1991-98 – Head of department of social protection of Labor and Social Protection Department, Citizens Affairs Committee of Irkutsk Administration.

From 1998 – Vice-President of All Russia Association of the Blind.

Member of the VOS from 1968.

1990-92 – deputy of Irkutsk City Council of people’s deputies, chairperson of Social Protection Committee


Awards: Certificate of Gratitude of the President of Russia, Medal of Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” 1 class

Awarded with the Diploma of the International Olympic Committee, Jubilee Medal “80th Anniversary of Goscomsport of Russia”, many other awards.

Public activities:

·       President of Federation of Sport for Blind;

·       President of Paradelphic Committee of Russia

·       Member of Governing Board of Russian Society of specialists in medical-social expertise and rehabilitation in Russia.


Sergey Evseev

Vice-President of the Russian Paralympic Committee, President of the Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Director of Science and Education Department of the Ministry of Sport of Russia.

Doctor of Education, Professor, Honored Worker of High School of Russian federation, editor-in-chief of “Adaptive Physical Culture” Magazine.

He was born on April 7, 1950 in Voronezh. He graduated from Leningrad Institute of Physical Culture in 1971. 1981-98 – first pro-rector of the Institute. One of the authors of “Conception of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the field of rehabilitation and social adaptation of disable persons through physical culture and sport”. Initiator and one of the key developers of state educational standards for high and secondary education of new specialties: physical culture for persons with disabilities (adaptive physical culture).


Due to Sergey Evseev efforts the first (more than 60 now) university department of theory and methods of adaptive physical culture was open in 1995, and in 1999 the first faculty of adaptive physical culture was open in the system of high education of the country. He published more than 440 scientific and methodological works. He was editor of the first textbook in Russia “Theory of organization of adaptive physical culture” (2002-2005).

Sergey Evseev was one of the organizers of four Russian and first International Students Games studied adaptive physical culture. After these Games twelve Russian universities launched new specializations: “Adaptive sport” and “Adaptive Physical Education”

His work was marked by awards of many public organizations including gold medal of the Special Olympic Committee and special Olympic order “Honor and Nobility”

He has been working with Paralympic team since 1998.

Awarded by the medal of order “For Merit to the Fatherland” 2 class.




Boris Ivanyuzhenkov

Born on February 25, 1966 in Reutov, Moscow Region. He graduated Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture in 1985. While doing military service, he worked as coach. From 1986 – coach in Podolsk Youth Sport School. From 1993 – first Vice-President of Russian Sport Wrestling Federation, member of Russian Olympic Committee.

In 1996 he found Sport Club “Vityaz” in Podolsk, Moscow Region. In 1997 he elected as deputy of Moscow Region Duma. Member of Duma Committee of Science, education, culture, sport and youth.

June 24, 1999 by the Order of the President of Russia appointed as Minister of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism.

After retirement of Stepashin’s Government (August 1999) – active Minister of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism.

August 19, 1999 – by the Order of the President of Russia was appointed as Minister of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism.


In May 2000 was appointed as Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, established on the base of same-name Ministry. He was on this position till June 2000.

Rector of Podolsk Social-Sport University, Candidate of Education, Honorable President of Central Sport Club “Vityaz”, Deputy of State Duma.

Master of Sport, many times champion and medalist of international wrestling tournaments. Awarded by the Medals of Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” 1st and 2nd class. Awarded by FILA Golden Badge.




Oleg Smolin

He was born on February 10, 1952 in Poludino, Northern-Kazakhstan Region. In 1968 he was recognized as person with visual impairment (1 group).

He graduated from Omsk State Pedagogical Institute in 1974. Specialty: teacher of history and social science. Doctor of Philosophy. Deputy of State Duma. He is expert in educational matters. He is author and co-author of almost all State Laws accepted in last decade in educational sphere.  He is the first Deputy of Chairman of Educational and Scientific Committee of the State Duma. Member of Central Governing Board of All Russian Association of the Blind; honored member of Governing Board of All Russia Association of Disabled Persons, Vice-President of the Russian Paralympic Committee. He has been working with Russian Paralympic team since 1993.

Full member of Humanitarian Science Academy

Full member of International Pedagogical Academy

Full member of Pedagogical and Social Science Academy

Married. Has son. Like to listen to classic music, read historical and classic literature. He professionally plays guitar.



Rima Batalova

Rima Batalova was born on January 1, 1964. She graduated from Ural State Academy of Physical Culture in 1996. Honored Master of Sport of Russia.

She participated within the national teams of USSR, CIS and Russia at Paralympic Games in Seoul (1988), Barcelona (1992), Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008). She became 13-times Paralympic champion in athletics (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m), silver medalist (1992) and bronze medalist (1998) of Paralympic Games. 18-time World champion, 43-times European champion, many times champion of the USSR, Russia and Bashkortostan. 18-times record breaker in running disciplines. Member of USSR Paralympic Team (1981-1991), Russian Paralympic Team (1991-2011). In 2011 she elected as deputy to the State Duma of Russia. Member of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Matters Committee. Chairperson of sub-committee on development of Paralympic Sport, physical culture and sport of people with disabilities. Vice-President of the Russian Paralympic Committee from 2006 to 2014 and from 2015 until now.

She has been a Chairwoman of the Athlete’s Commission of the Russian Paralympic Committee.

Due to her achievements and personal example she contributed to realization of Paralympic mission not only in Russia but also worldwide, that was marked by such awards as IPC International Women’s Day Award and Fair-Play Award (1995).

Awards: Order “For Personal Courage” (1992), Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” 4th class (2002), Order of Honor (1996), Order of Friendship (2003), Order of Friendship (2010), Honored Badge of State Duma “For development of Parlamentarism”.

+7 (499) 922 11 90
101000, Moscow, Turgenevskaya sq., 2