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In accordance with the award of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the case of WADA v. RUSADA CAS 2020/O/6689 dated 17.12.2020, the requirements of the revised post-reinstatement criteria of the IPC dated 08.02.2021г, and by the decision of the RPC Governing Board dated 30.03.2021 with amendments and additions of 16.06.2021 Vladimir  Lukin resigned from his position as the RPC President and a member of the RPC Governing Board for the whole term of the CAS Award.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Paralympic Committee, the duties of the President of the RPC are assigned to the Chairman of the Governing Board, First Vice-President of the RPC Pavel Alekseevich Rozhkov in the amount and terms established by the current Constitution of the RPC.

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